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On the Jewish New Year's Eve (29.10.2019), Liran and I were traveling with a couple of close friends of ours, Sharon and Sergey, in the amazing city – Amsterdam! One of our hobbies in Israel is simply eating together, we like to sit in new restaurants and do double dates with wine and good food, so when we arrived in Amsterdam it was clear that what we'll be doing most of the day was to look for where to eat in the city.

I have put together in this post all the most worthwhile recommendations for restaurants you should not miss, find out here what is the restaurant we returned to 3 times {does not include the time it was closed;)}, the area I highly recommend not getting anywhere near any restaurant in it, and a list of restaurants we did not manage to visit this round and sure we will get to the next round in town!

First and foremost - the food tour

On this food tour, I don't stop talking and recommend it to anyone who comes to town. It just made the trip for us, we knew so many places I had never heard of, and he gave a completely different volume to our entire trip! To all the places we came on tour, we also returned later. I will not say more about it here because there is a whole post on it, so if you missed the post, I have to refer you to it in this link!

Here's a little taste in the photos below.

We came to this restaurant 3 times, not including once it was closed.

CANNIBALE ROYALE was not even on my list before we arrived in town. At the last minute, I changed the restaurant to which I had reserved places and we were supposed to go this holiday evening, to this restaurant. The restaurant has five branches around the city and we were lucky that one branch was a two minute walk from the hotel (very close to the red windows quarter). The place is decorated in an Irish bar style combined with the Wild West, all the furniture is massive wooden restaurant and the walls are hung full of knives, kitchenware, old windows, and for Halloween they hang dolls without heads and all kinds of creatures especially for the holiday.

The restaurant, as the name suggests, is an amazing meat restaurant and its flagship dish is a whole chunk of The most amazing ribs I've eaten in my life. We ate at this restaurant 3 times in two different branches, and besides the ribs we got to eat a hamburger, Caesar salad, different types of steaks, beef tartare and toppings – fries, mashed potatoes, And a vegetables plate which was over the top! The restaurant serves a wide variety of beers, wine, and amazing desserts – we ordered cheesecake and vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate and whipped cream.

After a day of flying with a Parisian connection, cold and rainy weather, a hotel that sucks – this restaurant brought us our luck back and was one of the amazing surprises of the trip. Don't give miss it,especially if you're a carnivore like us! Affordable prices, great service, cool music (you can find the playlist on the website!) And with five branches in town, there is sure to be one close to you.

A very well-known burger restaurant in Amsterdam, with 4 branches and pop-ups that open every now and then in all kinds of places. We visited the Albert Cuyp Market branch in the Nine Street area branch, which I think is the best of the two. The restaurant menu offers lots of types of burgers with pre-set toppings (there are various options and there is also an Israeli option –   the butcher TLV!) And you can also assemble your own burger with a large selection of toppings and sauces, alongside beers, light drinks or milkshakes!

This excellent restaurant Sharon and Sergey found and chose for us. The most authentic Italian restaurant there is. We ate pasta, steak and tomahawk on the bone, and a tiramisu dessert like in Italy. The waiter and the counter worker spoke Italian, the restaurant is small and with the atmosphere we felt like we were at a family restaurant in Tuscany. The pizzas in the restaurant are baked in a traditional stone oven and all other dishes are carefully selected according to the restaurant's wine menu.


ALL YOU CAN EAT Asian-style restaurant, with prices starting at € 25.95 per person depending on the day or hour to arrive. When be sitted you will get a tablet from the waiter and a brief explanation of how the menu works – in each order round each person can order up to 5 servings (no limit on the number of rounds), and the only thing you order from the waiters is drinks. The restaurant menu clearly states that they are against leftovers to avoid ordering the whole menu and throwing a huge amount of food, and they indicate thatleftovers will be charged at 2 euros. The dishes arrive very fast, there are plenty of options as you can see in the pictures below, and the truth is that the food is high-end! Although the portions are small, we were full after two rounds! The restaurant is a two minute walk from Dam Square towards the nine streets area.

If you are flying to Amsterdam and you are just starting to search for restaurants, you have probably already come across pictures of the restaurant-cafe PLUK, especially if you were looking in Pinterest. It is located in the nine streets (like many good places in Amsterdam), and in addition to its food menu, it also offers housewares, kitchenware, mobile covers, greeting cards, bags, paper products, accessories and more – and you can find everything on the site too! The dishes aretotally photogenic and delicious (!!), and the place operates on a free space, order at the front desk, and be served the food to the table.

In the center of the Jordaan Jewish Quarter, you will find WINKEL 43 – a restaurant and café that are famous for their apple pie. We arrived for breakfast and ate Club Sandwich and a classic omelette which was really surprisingly tasty, for dessert of course we had an apple pie! super delicious, even for those who don't really like apples with apples like us. The place also serves lunche and works until 10 pm with an evening menu which varies from day to day.


In the role of this trip's surprise! I knew this chain before I came to Amsterdam but never ate in it. In Amsterdam we got to eat in it twice. For those who may not know this brand - here you can assemble any type of noodles with an endless amount of ingredients and options to choose from and in a convenient price.

Like PLUK, this place is also among the most photographed places in Amsterdam and you had probably already come across a pictures of the coated strawberries or a custom unicorn brownies cake. The place is in the Nine Streets, right on the border of the Jordaanarea, and as you've already realized, you can buy chocolate-coated strawberries, personal brownies in different shapes and designs depending on the holidays or seasons, pralines and bouquets of flowers – and of course everything Insanely photogenic!

A place that sells only one type of cookie – a classic chocolate cookie with a filling of white chocolate coin. delicious! You can also buy a box and bring it home. Located downtown and a few meters from the nine streets area. the perfect munchies.

speaking of the perfect munching – this in the fries you were looking for. in almost every corner there is a stall or business that sells chips but it's not Manneken Pis. The branch is on Damark Street and it was literally a two minute walk from our hotel, so we kept going to see the excessive queue for these chips and decided once to stand there. Don't let that scare you, the queue moves pretty fast and the chips are totally worth it. We tried some of the sauces and the most delicious sauce is their homemade saucewhich I have no idea its name and we just asked for what is best! (Rightmost image)

If you read the post about my favorite New York restaurants, You already know it is one of my favorite cafes and just. while we were traveling in the city we found that there are a number of branches in Amsterdam! A cozy and delicious cafe with good food at a high standard.

Here you have a list of places we have not been able to reach and are MUST –

Croque Madame – Gluten Free Cafe
Wyers – recommended brunch
Madame Pancake – Pancakes Pancakes Pancakes !!
Ree 7 – A cafe in the nine streets area
Bake My Day – A cafe with great pastries and sandwiches

Lunch and dinner
Toscanini – Italian restaurant
In The Waag – This restaurant / cafe is located in an old theater
Mr Porter – Recommended meat restaurant
SushiSamba – a high-end international Japanese restaurant chain
CAU – Meat and Steakhouse

The Three Graefjes
Patisserie Holtkamp


Recommended food market, away from downtown.

Amsterdam is full of restaurants, cafes, confectioneries and more, some of them are filled with tourists and some less. Because of the huge selection, I recommend asking receptionists at your hotel for recommended restaurants (we were recommended with Cannibale Royal which was a great success!), And another important recommendation from our poor experience – if you come to theRembrandt Squarearea – stay away from the restaurants there.Even thoses that you are "sure" to be good. Rembrandt Square is one of the city's most famous squares historically, and as a result dozens of restaurants have opened and are basicllya trap for tourists with low-level food and hight prices, it's just like eating in Barcelona on Ramblas Avenue.

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