The right colors for 2019 in home decor – in collab with Shir Ve Adi

All the right colors for 2019

The beautiful, the brave and the timeless

מאת : שיר ועדי

Every year, new trends of colors come in, the same colors that are set, accompany us throughout
for a long time, and not, they are not going to leave anytime soon, how is it happening and who is it that "sets the tone"?

nice to meet you, the color for 2019 –
Living coral

Meet "Pantone", the global color giant, which this time announced for 2019 – the color "living coral" , a color reminiscent of a strong, prominent, bouncing and sparkling coral reef. This color brings with it fun and joyful energies and agree with us that you can't ignore it!

The color of the coral blends wonderfully on a chosen wall in the house, with the right styling touches such as carpet, wallpaper, vase, armchair and even you can go one step further and combine in the kitchen cabinets, or in any more "extreme" form for the bold among us, but do not forget to do it correctly and precisely.

Kristin Rawson
Design Therapy

Arrived and do not intend to leave –
Clay color

Pantone's decision to return to nature stands out in the selection of the following leading color: Clay color. This color comes from natureand what is the definite global change of return to nature that can be seen in almost every area of ​​our lives today.

The Clay shade is a "new" shade that began appearing in 2018 and initially blended mainly with clothing items and was gradually upgraded and also arrived to our home and today it can already be found in almost every corner and wide shade bar: painted house walls will have andhomely feeling in addition to a special style.

This shade blends and connects with an extensive and comfortable color shades and brings with it a breeze of Nordic design, characterized by cleanliness, simplicity and warmth and on the other also connects to the new trend of "bringing nature home".

magazine AARB
jess kettle
couloir decoration

The new and fun blue –
gray blue

The color that has earned a place of honor this year is the "blue gray". This color gives peace and quiet,presence and special say to the home.
Caution ! this is color for the brave here – it can be dominate in the walls, in the living room sofa or in the kitchen cabinets. and for the solids among us , can be combined with small and special items in the house, giving unique and interesting touches and still feel that we have left our borders and dared!

The gray blue color is certainly considered a relaxing color for the bedroom in spite of its power, and can serve us well in the children's rooms as well. it is definitely a unisex color that can allow us to design an integrated children's room, of course, in a calculated and correct way.

The blue-gray color blends amazingly with the Clay color and Mustard color in the design of the rooms.

Simons Design Studio.
Lyell Tarina

BLUSH Alert!

The nexttrend alarm – "pink blush" or "blush", the perfect and classic pink shade that has accompanied us for quite a few years now, but continues to be desirable, loved and leading every possible design. An optimistic, joyous and hopeful color is everywhere and never tired.

The color can come be the walls, in the furniture, in the textiles, in the complementary accessories and in fact it is a color that cannot be refused and will always blend well and almost with everything. This is also the first time we have seen howsocial media brandsaround the world create a whole culture with this shade: logos, packaging for fashion products, serving tools, Instagram accounts dedicated exclusively to him and even a reputed London restaurant, all painted in this color

Also, public opinion leaders are changing their aesthetic to pinker. Certainly this is asimple and sweetcolor that goes with everyone.


In conclusion, the color trend gets better year by year and you are welcome to go wild and combine them all together!

So very pleasant meeting you, we are a Shir and Adi, two sisters specializing in interior design
and home styling for private homes and commercial spaces.
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